Meet Us

Who We Are and what we do

Plank Roofing is a Family owned company. We specialize in long-lasting metal roofs and happy customers!

In 2013 David And two of his sons started working for Chipmunks Roofing and Construction installing steel roofing. They worked for Chipmunks for two years. In 2015 Alvin, the owner of Chipmunks Roofing bought a farm in Copemish And moved there from Marion.
As the farm grew he wanted to make that priority and sold the business to David and his four sons. They changed the business name to Plank Roofing, LLC. and continued to focus on metal roofing. Ever since we have been striving to install quality metal roofs in the area surrounding Kaleva, MI.
We offer both concealed and exposed fastener metal roofs on new construction, re-roofs, houses, sheds, and barns.